A Season of Thanks and Giving
"It's Paintastic!"

The Post-Thanksgiving Pie Report

Wow, can you believe it is December already?  With our unusually late Thanksgiving this year, I feel like we are swinging directly into Christmas, with no room for a breath.

Or in our case, barely a moment to digest the entire buffet of goodies consumed over the Thanksgiving weekend.

I reported in my post last week, The Great Gluten-Free Pie Experiment, Part Two, that I had prepared a gluten-free, sugar-free apple pie for my family's Thanksgiving feast.

As promised, here is the post-Thanksgiving pie report:

My mother, who is the only other relatively committed gluten-free member of the family, liked my pie.  So did I.

My older son performed a blind taste test, at my request.  He preferred the traditional, sugar-laden pie over mine, but assured me that mine was "not that bad." 

Gee, thanks.

My younger son ate a sliver of my pie to be polite, but spent most of the evening hovering around a tray of peanut butter brownies.

The rest of the family did not think Thanksgiving was an appropriate time for experimentation.

I also tasted a piece of the traditional pie, and was quite frankly surprised by its sweetness.  In the future, I guess I would aim for the middle ground... something a little sweeter than mine, but not overtly sugary. 

I will also add a little extra cinnamon, to punch up the flavor without going too sweet.

In the end, the joy of sharing Thanksgiving with loved ones was by far the best part of the meal.  Even my kids agree with that.

Now it's on to the gluten-free, sugar-free Christmas cookies.  I can't wait!


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The gluten-free crust was actually quite good. In my opinion, all apple pies should have more cinnamon. Keep up the experiments, Meg.

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