Conscious Parenting and A Really Good Week
Easing into Christmas

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving


So, it has been shaping up to be a typical holiday weekend. I've been racing around for about seventy-two hours straight, gearing up and getting organized.

Thanksgiving is THE big holiday in the extended Brown family. It is the one time during the year when my parents, siblings, their spouses and kids and other assorted special people gather in upstate New York for a weekend filled with celebration.

This year, there will be Thanksgiving dinner for fifty on Thursday; a Christmas gift exchange for the kids and "Yankee Swap" for the adults on Friday; a 75th birthday celebration Friday evening; and a family mass with baptism (and brunch) on Saturday.

No big deal.

Actually, it is a big deal. These will be truly wonderful events and I am thrilled to participate, but it all takes a whole lot of planning and preparation. I've been ignoring my usual wellness practices, in favor of checking one more thing off my To-Do list. I am tired and cranky and stiff.

And I ate too much chocolate today. It was a defensive measure.

I guess I fell off the consciousness wagon, before the holiday even got here.

So... I am cutting myself a bit of slack. I just x'ed out half a dozen items from my To-Do list. I told the boys, we can pack in the morning. I apologized for being Mrs. Cranky-pants all day.

I am going to take a bubble bath.

And I am going to give thanks. For everything. The good, the bad, the ugly and the undone. Tomorrow morning, I will do my yoga and meditate, before I pick up a single suitcase.

I will trust that whatever gets packed will be what we need. I will bless every other car on the highway, as we drive to Grandma's house. I will sing, "Over the river and through the woods..."  at the top of my lungs.

I will celebrate Thanksgiving by enjoying the company of my loved ones. And I will eat turkey.


Thank you for taking this journey with me. I wish for you and your family good food, great company, safe travel and a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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