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Accepting the Present; Changing the World

Conscious Parenting tips for today, prayers for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti and meditations on the nature of acceptance.

It can be really scary sometimes – seeing the immense need in the world and feeling powerless to make a difference. What should I be doing? How best to respond? Can one person, thousands of miles from the epicenter of disaster, possibly be a power for hope and healing?

Does anything we do really matter?

I take a deep breath and settle down for a moment’s meditation. Seemingly of its own accord, my favorite affirmation rolls through my mind like a gentle voice of confirmation.

“I am exactly where I am supposed to be, right now; doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.”

I am doing nothing in particular, right now. Surrendering to the overwhelming urge to close my eyes, for just a few moments. Breathing.

Accepting all that is. The fears and the frustrations. The good news and the bad.

Thank You.

Later, I will tackle my To-Do list. It is on the table beside me right now. There are about fifteen items on it that felt “urgent” a couple minutes ago. Another fifteen or so are awaiting my attention tomorrow.

Or maybe the next day.

For now, I am easing into a state of acceptance. I am accepting that the washing machine has stopped running and is waiting for me to move a couple pounds of sodden-but-clean clothes into the dryer.

I am accepting that my older son is at school, most likely ill-prepared for his big math test. The end of the quarter is next Friday and this may be his last chance to pull his grades up.

I am accepting that my day will be busy, once I move off this couch. My younger son is bringing a friend home on the bus with him today. Once they enter the house, my time will no longer be my own. That gives me about five hours to change the world.

Or at least, to finish the laundry.

I am accepting that there is tragedy in the world today, as there is most days. There is pain, loss and terrible anguish. But there is also beauty, generosity and healing. There is hope.

And while I accept that the details of daily life can seem trivial compared to world events, I believe that the way we conduct ourselves on a daily basis affects the quality of life on our planet. I am accepting that I can change the world, just a little bit each day, by the energy I put into it. We are all connected.

I choose today to be a day when I accept the love that I find deep within me. I choose today to be a day when I increase the love that I share with the people around me, both near and far. I choose today to be a day when my thoughts, words and actions reveal this love to every living thing in my universe.

I choose today to be a day when I create a tiny ripple of love, healing and acceptance – a ripple that will flow and grow and join with other ripples to become a mighty wave, as it washes over the world.

I pray for the people of Haiti. I bless all that is.

As I gently put my body in motion, I am accepting that I will not get most of the items on my To-Do list accomplished today. But some of them will get done – and I am ready to trust that the ones that need to get done will be among them.

Conscious Parenting Tips for Today:

š Talk to your children about the earthquake in Haiti. They may have some real fears – and undoubtedly lots of questions – that they need to discuss with an adult.

š As a family, research organizations that will be active in Haiti. Choose one and make an affordable donation. The Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders are two good choices, although there are many others.

š What do you want your children to believe about the nature of our universe? Are we all, truly, connected? Do our day-to-day actions and reactions affect the energy of our planet? This might be an important time to have that conversation with your child.

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