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Are You Ready to Work for a Younger Boss? Take This Quiz!

Do you consider yourself an “older worker”? Can you warm up to the idea of being labeled “mature” in the workplace? I like to think of myself as deliciously seasoned, but I'm not sure I can put that on my resume. 

Boss shadedWhatever your preferred terminology, if you are approaching age 50 – or if you've already zoomed past it – chances are good that you will soon face the prospect of working for someone significantly younger than you. 

As in, approximately young enough to be your child. 

They make it look rather adorable in the movies, but in real life, reporting to a younger boss can feel like one more demoralizing development on a growing list of indignities. Passed over for the last several promotions? Check. Trying to advance in a company that no longer values your skills and experience? Check. 

Wondering if you will be able to maintain steady employment for two more decades? Double check. 

As we age, our lives become more complex and our worries increase accordingly. Will we have enough money for retirement? Will we be healthy enough to enjoy our later years? Will we find meaning and love in the time left to us? 

In the overall scheme of things, working for a millennial might just be something you could tolerate. Something you could embrace. Something you could be damn good at. 

Take this quiz, to see if you are ready to report to a younger boss... and to learn some tips that might help you become an expert. 

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Back to School 101: How to Stay Healthy in the Fall

“Back to School” means a time of transitions: Sleep cycles, mealtimes and activity levels all change significantly.  Even if your children have graduated to homes and careers of their own, chances are good that you still need to adjust from the (relatively) carefree days of summer to the darkening days of autumn. With that in mind, here are five important preventive care strategies to help you and your loved ones make it through the school year in great health.


Apple-256261_12801. Get Enough Sleep     

Bedtimes tend to drift during the summer months... the sun sets later and it’s hard to get the kids inside when there are so many fun things to do! Still, with school starting up, sleep becomes an important part of every family’s wellness strategy.    

Sleep requirements vary according to age and even then every child is different: A good ballpark number for your kindergartener or first grader is 10 ¾ to 12 hours of sleep per day; your 7-to-12-year-old will probably be at their best with 10 to 11 hours of sleep per day; and even your high school student might need up to 9 ½ .1   

As for Mom and Dad? We still need to get as close to 8 hours per night as possible. I will gently suggest that once you've settled your kids down for the night, grab your own pajamas and hit the hay. I am frequently in bed before my teenagers and I like it that way.   

2. Continue to Get Out in the Sun    

School means trading long days in the great outdoors for six hours or more sitting at a desk in a hermetically sealed germ factory. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration. I hope. Still, our children do give up some serious sun time when school starts. If we are not vigilant, this means they start to miss out on their daily dose of the “sunshine vitamin”, vitamin D.     

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Is Your Love Bucket Almost Empty?

Conscious living means taking better care of ourselves, so we can take better care of our families, our communities and the world.  

Father hugs bwI remember the days when I counted myself lucky to have an unplanned hour to myself.

It would feel rather strange.  

If both of my sons were out at the same time, if the laundry and my writing were done for the day...  

What to do with myself?  

Honestly, it would take me more than a couple moments to think of something to do, all by my lonesome. I might take a long walk, listen to some music, soak in the tub. I would call my mother or one of my sisters for a chat.

It was lovely, but it felt vaguely wrong. I would nervously check my To-Do list, certain that I was missing something important. Surely my children, or my family, or the school, or someone was waiting with bated breath for me to deliver... something.

Like many of us, I had been programmed to stay busy. To be productive. To live my life for others.

To sacrifice.

Wow. That sounds just a little bit crazy.

Now that we're older, my friends and I tell each other a different story: That life is a journey. There are peaks and valleys. Activity and rest. We time and me time.

Yes, we cherish our relationships with family and loved ones. Yes, we want to make a positive difference in the world. Yes, we want to give all that we have to our children.

But we cannot possibly hope to take care of the needs of our children -- or our planet -- if we are a walking mass of unmet needs ourselves.  

We cannot fill our child’s love bucket if our own is empty.

The more I pay attention, the more I understand that most negative behaviors – the things that people do that really push our buttons – are actually an expression of unmet needs for connection.  

Are you connected to your child? (Or spouse, or siblings, or parents?) Is your child connected to you?? 

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Deepak Chopra and My Washing Machine

Originally Published in January 2009.


Or, How Conscious Parenting and Meditation Just Might Converge in the Laundry Room

I’ve mentioned before, that I am a fledgling practitioner of meditation. I’ve been trying to meditate daily for over a year now. Some days, my meditation experiences are transcendent. Others, well, not so much.

I wish I could say that I was meditating to access a heightened sense of consciousness, but mostly I just do it to stay sane.

Meditation helps me be present for myself and my children. On a good day, I let go of past regrets and future fears and truly live in the moment.

On a really good day, I relax into a state of joy, where I experience each moment as a gift.

A well of grace.


For the past year, one of my favorite routes to relaxation has been my Deepak Chopra CD, "The Soul of Healing Meditations."

I give myself over to the words, the music, the healing.

Sometimes, I put the CD on and work through a slow, contemplative yoga practice.  Usually, I am simply still. And I experience the cleansing, transformative power of grace in my life.


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Feeling Stressed? Grab Your Crayons!

Adult Coloring Books are selling like hotcakes and I know why: They make you feel better!

20150903_140545Do you ever wish you could ditch your grown-up worries and responsibilities and re-capture the carefree innocence of your childhood? Or maybe you'd just like to be able to sit quietly and concentrate, without the distraction of work, family conflicts and financial strain.  

If you've already tried yoga, tai chi and meditation and you're ready for something completely different, I invite you to try coloring. You remember... a quiet spot to work, a box of crayons, markers or colored pencils and your favorite cartoon princess or superhero coloring book?

Some are calling it the latest trend in adult stress-relief. I call it relaxing and fun. My friend Ruth sent me a coloring book for my birthday this year and I am loving it. I make a cup of tea, turn on some quiet music and let my creativity flow.

The bonus? You don't actually have to be creative to color. Someone else did the drawing for you, so just fill in the pattern with the colors of your choice. You can't do this wrong.

Would you like to try coloring? The image below is from my birthday gift book, Creative Coloring Inspirations, available now on Amazon. (This is an affiliate link.)


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