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Your Holiday Bliss Plan, Step 2: How to Make It Meaningful

Your Holiday Bliss Plan, Step 1: How to Start the Season with Comfort and Joy

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you may already be feeling a bit of holiday pressure.


Girl-690614_1280Yes, we all know that with the autumn "harvest" complete, we are supposed to be entering a time of celebration (followed by a time of hibernation), but frequently the holidays feel like just another source of overwhelm and disappointment.

With the dawn of electricity, office jobs and shopping malls, few of us really settle in for a long winter's nap anymore.

Our regular lives are spinning ahead at full speed while we are being bombarded with every commercial enterprise's idea of just what we need for the ultimate holiday experience.

Our families start layering on invitations, expectations and obligations. Our kids begin making up Wish Lists, regardless of age or employment status.

I'm exhausted. And it's barely November.

Perhaps it doesn't have to be this way. Maybe, with just a little creativity we could experience a more... dare I say, blissful holiday season.

Anything is possible. It is, after all, winter. The season of magic, reflection and wonder!

I'm ready to try something new. Are you with me? I want my holiday season to be meaningful, refreshing and fun. So, let's choose a different course this year... We'll take it one step at a time. Nothing too strenuous. The process of feeling better should actually feel good, don't you think?


Step 1: Connect With Your Vision of Holiday Bliss.

Let's begin by getting personal. What does it all mean? What is it all supposed to mean... for you? Here is a little exercise to help you get in touch with your own vision for the holiday season.

First, make yourself a cup of tea (or beverage of choice) and find a quiet spot. Take a sip and really savor it. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply and let your thoughts drift. Find a big, full-blown memory of holiday cheer... it can be your own, from a book or movie you've enjoyed, or something brand new.

Let yourself sink into it for a few minutes. What does Holiday Bliss mean for you? How does it feel? What does it look, sound, taste and smell like? Who is sharing it with you? Make the movie in your head as rich and detailed as possible. Let it seep into your body, mind and spirit. Be there.


When you are ready, grab your journal and write down your Vision of Holiday Bliss. If you are struggling to put it into words, try completing these sentences:

  • My Holidays are a Celebration of...
  • This is a Time for...
  • I Use this Season to...
  • I Am Excited about...
  • I Feel...

It doesn't have to be long... maybe a paragraph or two. Does it make you smile, just looking at it? Does it feel yummy?


Now, don't just shove your vision in a drawer somewhere. Come back to it each day, or even more often if you desire. Maybe copy it over in your journal each morning, or at bedtime. Make a decorative poster and hang it on your bathroom mirror. Read it out loud, each time you look at it. Sing it.

Give yourself permission to enjoy the holidays this year.

And keep a watch for Your Holiday Bliss Plan: Step 2... coming soon!


Meg Brown is a Certified Professional Coach, former corporate executive and mother to two teenaged sons. Meg specializes in coaching passionate parents and professionals who seek to make the most of their midlife journey at  Contact her today, your first coaching session is Free!





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