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How Do You Feel When You Wake Up In The Morning?

For years, one of my goals has been to wake up feeling energized and optimistic about the day before me. More and more, I do. But not always.

Rays-801846_1280What gets in the way?


Not enough sleep. Mid-life hormones. Kids and jobs and bills and cold, windy winters.


A wise, twelve-year-old friend of mine called me yesterday and asked if she could read me something that she had written for school. Of course, I said, "Yes!"

I love, love, love reading the works of young people. I almost always learn something from them and cherish the beauty -- and sometimes heartbreaking honesty -- of their writing.

I requested permission to share it and she agreed. Here is what she wrote:

Every day we wake up and think of the same thing: "How am I going to get through the day without having a mental breakdown?"

But what if we can change that thought to something better? What if I tell you that the world we live in is full of potential -- potential that can be unlocked with a single mind thinking.
Thinking, not about what's wrong, or what's going on out there. Thinking that they can do something extraordinary, to feel good inside.
And it all starts by changing your first thought in the morning.
I am happy, I am grateful for life.
All I need is for others to feel this joy I have; to feel that they're needed and wanted!
Do you think you're ready to unlock the world's potential, by unlocking yourself to others and showing them their potential first?
That is the key. Think for a brighter, better and more positive world!
Written by, "A normal 12 year old girl from a small town ready to face what the world brings us one word at a time."
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