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Are You Ready to Work for a Younger Boss? Take This Quiz!

Do you consider yourself an “older worker”? Can you warm up to the idea of being labeled “mature” in the workplace? I like to think of myself as deliciously seasoned, but I'm not sure I can put that on my resume. 

Boss shadedWhatever your preferred terminology, if you are approaching age 50 – or if you've already zoomed past it – chances are good that you will soon face the prospect of working for someone significantly younger than you. 

As in, approximately young enough to be your child. 

They make it look rather adorable in the movies, but in real life, reporting to a younger boss can feel like one more demoralizing development on a growing list of indignities. Passed over for the last several promotions? Check. Trying to advance in a company that no longer values your skills and experience? Check. 

Wondering if you will be able to maintain steady employment for two more decades? Double check. 

As we age, our lives become more complex and our worries increase accordingly. Will we have enough money for retirement? Will we be healthy enough to enjoy our later years? Will we find meaning and love in the time left to us? 

In the overall scheme of things, working for a millennial might just be something you could tolerate. Something you could embrace. Something you could be damn good at. 

Take this quiz, to see if you are ready to report to a younger boss... and to learn some tips that might help you become an expert. 

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