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Is Your Love Bucket Almost Empty?

Conscious living means taking better care of ourselves, so we can take better care of our families, our communities and the world.  

Father hugs bwI remember the days when I counted myself lucky to have an unplanned hour to myself.

It would feel rather strange.  

If both of my sons were out at the same time, if the laundry and my writing were done for the day...  

What to do with myself?  

Honestly, it would take me more than a couple moments to think of something to do, all by my lonesome. I might take a long walk, listen to some music, soak in the tub. I would call my mother or one of my sisters for a chat.

It was lovely, but it felt vaguely wrong. I would nervously check my To-Do list, certain that I was missing something important. Surely my children, or my family, or the school, or someone was waiting with bated breath for me to deliver... something.

Like many of us, I had been programmed to stay busy. To be productive. To live my life for others.

To sacrifice.

Wow. That sounds just a little bit crazy.

Now that we're older, my friends and I tell each other a different story: That life is a journey. There are peaks and valleys. Activity and rest. We time and me time.

Yes, we cherish our relationships with family and loved ones. Yes, we want to make a positive difference in the world. Yes, we want to give all that we have to our children.

But we cannot possibly hope to take care of the needs of our children -- or our planet -- if we are a walking mass of unmet needs ourselves.  

We cannot fill our child’s love bucket if our own is empty.

The more I pay attention, the more I understand that most negative behaviors – the things that people do that really push our buttons – are actually an expression of unmet needs for connection.  

Are you connected to your child? (Or spouse, or siblings, or parents?) Is your child connected to you?? 

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Decoding the Cosmic Memo: Please Claim Your Baggage

I am a relatively firm believer that everything happens for a reason... or at least, everything is an opportunity for growth and enlightenment. Messages from God, the Universe and/or my inner child are all welcome.

I just wish they'd send an email every now and then.

Whether it's hormones, the full moon or my birthday (today), I've been feeling pretty emotional lately. The weekend involved multiple journaling sessions and long phone calls, as I worked through some typical childhood baggage that is seemingly, finally ready to be processed and jettisoned. And while it feels pretty good to let it all out, it's (still) a bit of a challenge to patiently devote the time necessary to take good care of myself.

Yesterday I found myself crying in the shower...

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