Deepak Chopra and My Washing Machine

Originally Published in January 2009.


Or, How Conscious Parenting and Meditation Just Might Converge in the Laundry Room

I’ve mentioned before, that I am a fledgling practitioner of meditation. I’ve been trying to meditate daily for over a year now. Some days, my meditation experiences are transcendent. Others, well, not so much.

I wish I could say that I was meditating to access a heightened sense of consciousness, but mostly I just do it to stay sane.

Meditation helps me be present for myself and my children. On a good day, I let go of past regrets and future fears and truly live in the moment.

On a really good day, I relax into a state of joy, where I experience each moment as a gift.

A well of grace.


For the past year, one of my favorite routes to relaxation has been my Deepak Chopra CD, "The Soul of Healing Meditations."

I give myself over to the words, the music, the healing.

Sometimes, I put the CD on and work through a slow, contemplative yoga practice.  Usually, I am simply still. And I experience the cleansing, transformative power of grace in my life.


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Feeling Stressed? Grab Your Crayons!

Adult Coloring Books are selling like hotcakes and I know why: They make you feel better!

20150903_140545Do you ever wish you could ditch your grown-up worries and responsibilities and re-capture the carefree innocence of your childhood? Or maybe you'd just like to be able to sit quietly and concentrate, without the distraction of work, family conflicts and financial strain.  

If you've already tried yoga, tai chi and meditation and you're ready for something completely different, I invite you to try coloring. You remember... a quiet spot to work, a box of crayons, markers or colored pencils and your favorite cartoon princess or superhero coloring book?

Some are calling it the latest trend in adult stress-relief. I call it relaxing and fun. My friend Ruth sent me a coloring book for my birthday this year and I am loving it. I make a cup of tea, turn on some quiet music and let my creativity flow.

The bonus? You don't actually have to be creative to color. Someone else did the drawing for you, so just fill in the pattern with the colors of your choice. You can't do this wrong.

Would you like to try coloring? The image below is from my birthday gift book, Creative Coloring Inspirations, available now on Amazon. (This is an affiliate link.)


Want to read more? Check out this article from the HuffPost.

Happiness Now!


Here is something to learn from our children: BE HAPPY NOW.


You might have noticed that children don’t typically spend their days worrying about the past or dreading the future (barring the occasional upcoming algebra test.) Children, far more successfully than most adults, live in the present.


This is wisdom, pure and simple.


As many great thinkers have taught us, now is all that we have. This is truly liberating. If we can only make ourselves happy now, this very moment, then we can always be happy.


Takes a little practice, though.


With a thousand thoughts running through our minds at any given moment, being present – living in the now – is remarkably hard to accomplish sometimes.  Here is what I do, when my internal chatter and frenzied lifestyle get in the way of my happiness.   

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Making Friends with the Voices in Your Head


Or, the Lazy Man’s Guide to Self-Improvement. Or, How to Make Your Mental Chatter Work for You.


I can remember a gentleman friend telling me, years ago, that I was a “deep thinker.” We were in the early days of our soon-to-be-doomed relationship and he was working hard to show appreciation for my unique quirks and general wonderfulness.


Other friends and family – who were not quite so committed to making me feel good – have since called me anal retentive, obsessed with detail and a perfectionist.


Perhaps Shakespeare said it best: “The lady doth think too much.”


Yes, I know that’s not what Shakespeare actually said, but he gave me the idea of saying it.


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How "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" Re-charged My Meditation Practice

I was just trying to meditate... extreme emphasis on the word trying.  As usual, I struggled to turn off all the chatter in my mind. 


My goal in meditation is to make myself calmer and more open to my children; to clear my emotions and access a bit of Divine wisdom.   


I started meditating regularly just over a year ago, as a means to reduce my stored stress.  As I tried to explain to my family at the time, my “stress bucket” was full. 


After years of fighting corporate politics while juggling the responsibilities of a single parent and still trying to figure out my purpose in life, I was overflowing with the stuff. 

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